Congregation Chevra Thilim Hebrew School offers an outstanding program that will give your child a solid foundation in the fundamentals of Judaism, and will instill in your child the faith, beauty and values of our heritage.  

All lessons will be taught in a manner that will give the children a great appreciation of our rich Jewish heritage. Role-playing, arts & crafts, hands-on experiences, and songs will be incorporated to help make the lessons enjoyable.  

We plan special programs during the year, such as Shabbat experiences, Shofar Factory, Chanukah Activities, Purim Extravaganza, Passover Matzah Baking, Passover Seder, Lag B'Omer Community Barbeque, and more. We believe that the joy and pride in Yiddishkeit (Judaism) that will be experienced at Congregation Chevra Thilim Hebrew School will make an indelible impression upon the children.  

Our Hebrew reading curriculum uses the latest educational breakthrough. Based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of color coded levels and testing, Aleph Champ provides excitement and inspiration, leading the students into a winning cycle of learning.

The Hebrew alphabet as well as the vowels and word formations are divided into 10 colored levels. The students start out as "White Aleph Champs", working their way up the colors of the rainbow to be a "Black Aleph Champ" like their teachers. Games, cards, logs and rewards make every step along this remarkable journey a fun and educational success.  

Children will be taught the meaning of Mitzvot - Torah commandments - and will be encouraged to enjoy the experience of doing Mitzvot. Each Mitzvah will be introduced with a hands-on experience. Some mitzvot emphasized are Tzedakah, loving one another, hospitality, honoring parents, mezuzah, and brachot (blessings).  

Children will learn to appreciate the special quality and holiness of Shabbat and Holidays. They will become familiar with the historical background, customs, and observances of each festival through stories, songs, activities and projects.  

Children will start to learn simple, basic prayers and blessings. At Congregation Chevra Thilim Hebrew School our students learn to feel comfortable and excited about going to services.  

Children will learn to view our Avot (patriarchs) and Imahot (matriarchs) and other Jewish heroic figures as role models. They will be taught morals and ethics from people highlighted in the weekly Torah portion. The children will gain knowledge of and a love for the land of Israel and its people.