Congregation Chevra Thilim Legacy Challenge

Recognizing the importance of securing a strong and vibrant Jewish future, Congregation Chevra Thilim has launched the Challenge. Our generous legacy matchers from the Chisick Family Foundation, have committed to making a special donation on condition Congregation Chevra Thilim secures ten future legacy commitments.

Your generosity has been essential in establishing our center as a beacon of Jewish life in San Francisco. Your bequest will strengthen its financial foundation and guarantee success for decades to come. Your legacy gift will be a catalyst for growth. It will enable the expansion of our programs for kids and seniors.  Your generous gift will create a powerful impact for generations to come.

How the Legacy Challenge works:

• The Chisick Family Foundation will provide a special gift to our annual fund, on condition Congregation Chevra Thilim receives ten signed legacy commitments.

• Designate either a percentage or a fixed amount of your estate to Chevra.

• Gifts of a retirement account or life insurance policy will be included as a commitment to the Legacy Challenge. 

• Complete the letter of intent form that you are leaving a gift to Chevra, and ensure a strong and vibrant Jewish future.

Click here for the Letter of Intent

For more information: 
Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi

Congregation Chevra Thilim

751 - 25th Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94121


[email protected]

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Congregation Chevra Thilim

Federal Tax ID number is 94-1212146