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  • Prayer services, regular Shabbat and holiday services
  • Joyous celebrations for life cycle events
  • Support for those who are ill and/or grieving
  • A well attended religious school
  • On going educational opportunities for children and adults
  • Social events which include community Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations andwomen’s evenings
  • Opportunities to explore our Jewish heritage
  • Individual attention and recognition to every member


As our world changes, the needs of our congregants and the community at large change. Synagogues of today can no longer be only a place of worship. They need to be communal spaces, serving as a gathering place for Jews to meet, socialize, educate the young and old through Sunday School, Adult Education, Lectures and other events, be an extended family; a warm and welcoming community. This is what we are and how we hope to continue to grow.

We are a vibrant community with many families of all ages and diversity. We are the future of the Jewish community in the Richmond district, dedicated to bringing our culture and traditions to life in a modern format to blend with the realities of the modern world. Our vision is to grow and expand not only our community and membership, but to do this through richer and more in depth learning, interactive programming and opportunities for social experiences in a Jewish context.

We have planned a modern building to welcome our congregants and to grow our community by attracting new families, couples, and individuals. We have increased the volume and quality of our programs and have created more opportunities for higher levels of education and socialization. We are excited to announce that Phase one is to be completed before the High Holidays September 2012.

We seek to continue to create an extended family that joins together to celebrate Shabbat, holidays, life cycle and social events. We intend to expand our educational center and offer more opportunities for stimulating intellectual exchange and dialogue.

Congregation Chevra Thilim is San Francisco's oldest Orthodox congregation, located in the  Richmond district.