Is this synagogue for Orthodox Jews?

Congregation Chevra Thilim is a synagogue focused on helping all Jews of all knowledge levels learn more about Judaism. Our doors are especially open to beginners.

We are open to all Jews, regardless of background.

What do you offer?

At Chevra Thilim we strive to meet the diverse needs of the entire Jewish community.   Aside from conducting synagogue services, we offer adult education classes, childhood education programs, Shabbat dinners, and more.

Whether it involves affixing mezuzahs to a new home, providing religious counseling to a questioning Jew, arranging a baby naming, or any other Jewish need a person may have, the rabbi at Chevra Thilim is always a willing resource for the Jewish community at large.

Won't a non-observant Jew feel out of place at Chevra Thilim?
Absolutely not! Our congregation is made up of individuals varying from absolute beginners to observant, knowledgeable Jews - and every level in between. Young and old, singles and families, men and women - regardless of background, affiliation, or level of knowledge - all come together as family at Chevra Thilim.

Services are traditional, which means that during prayer men and women are seated separately. This is not in any way, G‑d forbid, an act of male chauvinism; rather it is an age-old traditional assurance that in the House of G‑d there will be no distractions - only a complete dedication of mind, heart, and spirit to the service at hand. In Judaism, women are not second-class; on the contrary, traditional Jewish philosophy recognizes that women are of a much higher spiritual plane than men.

Will I be able to follow the prayers?

Every prayer book used in Chevra Thilim has an English translation - and some transliteration - to aid the beginner through the services.

The Rabbi and others offer guidance and direction, with patience and understanding, throughout the service, to help introduce those less familiar to the traditional customs and rituals of the prayer service.